About Us

New VOD service for libraries in the USA

myfilmfriend is a new video on demand service offering high quality content for library members in the USA. Developed in Europe, the streaming platform provides library users with unlimited access to cultural content, including great movies, series, concerts, and award-winning documentaries. Launched in 2017 in a German library, myfilmfriend has grown to include more than 700 libraries across Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, and Switzerland. Our clients include city, town, and county libraries as well as universities, film centers and art galleries. Our flexible pricing plan works for libraries of all budgets and sizes. By subscribing to myfilmfriend, libraries provide their members with access to an expertly curated catalog of European & World Cinema - with daily recommendations for users!

Benefits for your library & library users

  • Affordable access to awardwinning films and media from around the world
  • The Katalog is constantly enriched by our team of curators and film experts
  • Recommendations for every age group
  • Youth protection: automaticly age restrictions
  • Users can watch as many videos as they want, simultaneously
  • No unpleasant surprises in terms of costs for libraries
  • Ad-free. The platform does not show advertisements
  • Privacy: we do not collect any personal data related to users
  • We provide libraries with marketing and technical support
  • Statistics and metadaten for libraries in the CMS backend

How myfilmfriend works

Library members connect to myfilmfriend using their library ID number and a personal password. Users can then access myfilmfriend content in the following ways:

  • Laptop, PC or Mac with an internet connection
  • Smartphone or tablet with our myfilmfriend app for iOS and Android
  •  AirPlay and Google Chromecast via app for projection onto a big screen
  • Download content via app for offline viewing
  • TV-App on the Apple TV, Android TV & Amazon Fire TV stores (Coming Soon: Roku)

Pricing plans

myfilmfriend is available to public and academic libraries. Our pricing model is based on the number of active users at your library. We adapt to the experiences of our library network. We offer flexible pricing plans, as well as discounts for a first subscription or for library groups joining myfilmfriend together. There is no restriction on content. The catalog is continuously expanded without additional costs.

Please contact us to receive a quote.


Benoît Calvez bcalvez@myfilmfriend.com

Jacqueline Röber jroeber@myfilmfriend.com